Tuesday, December 16, 2014

War of 1812

16 Dec 2014

We are approaching the end of the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent  24 Dec 1814.
Ref;  Canada's History, formerly  'The Beaver'
         Dec 14 - Jan 15, page 12
British and American delegates signed the Treaty of Ghent
on 24 December 1814. However, news of the treaty didn't
reach North America for several weeks, and hostilities continued
until early 1815. (See article for more info)

54  Number of days that elapsed between the signing the treaty on
24 Dec,1814 until its ratification by the United States on 16 Feb,1815

20,000  Approx, number of casualties suffered by the U.S., Britain,
and its Canadian and Aboriginal allies during the war.

11  Number of Articles in the Treaty of Ghent

4,000  Number of slaves who escaped to freedom during the war.

2  Number of commissioners, one American and one British, tasked
under the treaty to resolve land disputes and to determine the border
between the United States and Canada.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

War of 1812

War of 1812
30 Nov 2014
There is very little activity until the war is ended on 24 Dec 1814.
Then there is approximately a four year gap until some of the
soldiers who fought in the war started to settle in Goulbourn Twp
as part of the Richmond Military Settlement. During this 'gap'
period I will list those soldiers who eventually settled.
Those who stayed in the settlement will be listed last,
Civilian settlers will come later.

WW1. 1914 - 1918
Will continue with more data on next post as combatants are
getting ready. Its not a nice affair anyways

Friday, November 14, 2014

War of 1812

War of 1812
14 Nov 2014  40 days till Treaty of Ghent

This time of year is when the soldiers head for their winter quarters.
To come is the signing of the peace on 24 Dec 1814 at Ghent.
There will be a battle at New Orleans
The peace treaty will be ratified by the US in Feb 1815
Napoleon will escape from Elba and the 100 days war will start.

WW1    [Review]
28 July 1914.  British Navy ordered to War Bases
10 Aug 1914  Contract placed in Canada for the following;
                       Manufacture of 65,000 pair of boots;  35,000 Caps
                                          15,000 Great Coats;  40,000  Jackets;
                                           33,000 pairs of puttees;  150,000 pairs of Socks
16 Aug 1914  Four British infantry divisions and one cavalry division
                       land in France.
18 Aug 1914  Thousands of men begin arriving at Camp Valcartier
                       near Quebec City
25 Aug 1914  The city of Valenciennes, France falls to German forces
26 Sept 1914  Loading of men, equipment and horses begins at Quebec
3 Oct 1914      First contingent of CEF departs on 4,025 Km trip to England
                       and joins up with 538 soldiers from Nfld.
14 Oct 1914  Large convoy arrives at Plymouth and Devonshire, Eng.
16 Oct 1914  New Zealand expeditionary departs for France.
19 Oct 1914  First battle of Ypres begins.
5 Nov 1914   France and Great Britain declare war on Turkey.
                      Ref; to above, Legion Magazine Insert Nov/Dec 2014 issue


Monday, November 3, 2014

War of 1812

51 Days to go to 24 Dec 1814
War of 1812
The war is winding down in Canada but we will hear from Orleans and Waterloo in the near future.

The 100th will be renumbered the 99th in Feb 1816 but will be referred to, locally,
 as the 100th Reg't.

Oct-Nov 1914
First battle of Ypres
Germany fails to reach the English Channel.
"Two large armies are deadlocked along a 600 mile front. For four years there is little change and
the toll in human casualties grows. By 1917 every continent and all the oceans of the world
are involved.   Ref;  www.edu.gov.mb.com

NOTE;    There is a very interesting insert in the Nov/Dec issue of the Legion Magazine.  The
8 page foldout lists a timeline of battles on one side and a map of Europe on the other side.
Also on both sides are little bits of info and so much that the whole of both sides is in English.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

War of 1812

18 October 2014

Battle of Cook's Mills,  18 & 19 Oct 1814.
Last Battle on Canadian soil in War of 1812

   Drummond sent about 750 men under Lt. Col. Christopher Meyers of the 100th Reg't
to protect Cook's Mills. Americans took Cook's Mills and burned about 200 bushels of wheat.
Americans withdrew back to Ft. Erie. They blew up the Fort on 5 Nov and retired to the
American shore.
  Thus ended the fighting along the Niagara. "The campaign represented strategic success.
The final American attempt to invade Canada had failed"  '1812'  by Jon Latimer, page 344

        As mentioned earlier the convoy carrying the Canadian Contingent was greeted by British
Lt. General EAH Alderson. "Weeks of foul weather turns the training area of Salisbury Plain
into a quagmire
1 Nov 1914
    HMS Good Hope and other ships are destroyed by Germany's Asiatic Squadron off
Coronel, Chile

'Everyone expected a short war but in a short time the slaughter was unexpected with
hundreds of thousands killed and maimed in the opening months.
Ref; WW1 Canada's Ultimate Story.  Canadian Legion Magazine.

As I write this post the War of 1812 is winding down and WW1 is cranking up.
These two historical events are nearly exactly 100 years apart! Year 2014  ??

Friday, October 10, 2014

War of 1812

10 October 2012

75 days to Treaty of Ghent,  24 Dec 1814

Publication; Colonel Christopher Myers  1774-1817
Published by Lanark Co. Archives, 2012,  Author Michael J. Jaques.
  This book covers his life and family and his military service during
the Napoleonic war, then his service in Canada during the War of 1812.
He served for a short time with the 100th/99th Regiment.
The block of land in Perth containing the courthouse was known as
Mount Myers.
It could be stated that this pub. is a family history of the Colonel and his family.
We will hear more about the Colonel after the War of 1812 is over, in this blog.

Returned from the Soo and our visit to Fort Mackinac. What a place, but it is now
mainly a tourist place. However I looked at its historical features. There are no
cars or such there. Only a couple of fire trucks in case of emergency.
Everywhere we went the trees were in colour, if you look past the evergreens.

Friday, September 26, 2014

War of 1812

26 Sept 2014

88 days to the Treaty of Ghent 24 Dec 1814

Today I deviate from my normal posts. The War of 1812 and WW1 activities are a little slow. However the following could be of interest to all who are interested in Canadian History

200 years ago  War of 1812
Ref;  Legion Magazine  Sept/Oct 2014
"On This Date". September items are located on the Legion Website  www.legionmagazine.com/
14 Oct 1914.  The First Canadian Contingent arrives in a massive convoy at Plymouth
  and Devonport. They will soon be training on Salisbury Plain in a sea of mud.
NOTE. Legion Magazine will be selling in October a book entitled.
  "Canada and the Great War  The Battles".  It will be available in all bookstores.

Ref;  Canada's History [Formerly 'The Beaver']  Oct/Nov 2014
Special  Commemorative World War Issue
              The World Wars  How they changed everything
              TV Station TVO is commemorating a Remembrance month this November
                   A few are; Days of Remembrance, Sat 8 Nov - Tues 11 Nov.
                                     Starts with Churchill 11 Nov. at 9 PM.
I'm off on Sunday for a train ride in the Agawa Canyon and a visit to Fort Mackinac,
of War of 1812 fame